Bath & Body Inspired by Nature
Do you know what your fragrance says about you? It’s easy to make an impression with your attire and personal style but have you ever wondered what the subtle message is in your fragrance?

Knowing some key personality traits that are paired with certain scents might just give you additional information about a job applicant, a business partner or even a date!

Check out some of these findings by Dr Alan Hirsh, MD who administered his personality test to 18,631 people. Which one are you?

These people are more cautious and sensitive. You take the time to reflect on your decisions and are considerate. Rose wearers are generally more introspective and not likely the loud “life of the party” types. However, since you appear to be able to exercise more self control you are not likely to have too many regrets. Your steadfast nature makes you a dependable friend, one that may be counted on when times get tough.

You tend to be the thoughtful one. The lavender lover places a lot of value on friends and family and because of that you’re the one to remember anniversaries, birthdays and the names of people’s pets. This makes you pleasant to be around since you are perceived as caring and enjoying a group atmosphere. You are naturally curious and have a broad knowledge base which fascinates others.

Don’t be fooled to think that the full-floral scent of gardenia to be light & whimsical. These types tend to be seek very stable relationships and are people you can rely on. You follow through on set plans, make phone calls, take notes, and do all the little things that keep relationships organized and easy. People know they can depend on you.

You exhibit an energy that people are drawn to! You also have a style of your own and you don’t care if others disapprove. The stimulus seeking adventurer in you loves a party, music & dance, and you generally don’t find yourself getting bored. If it’s new and exciting you want a piece of it! You’re similar to the vanilla lover but you take it one step further and crave novelty.

You often like the finer things in life and that includes a fashionable wardrobe. Of course, a few classic gems to accent your attire will suit you just fine. But there’s more behind that stylish facade than you might think. Coconut lovers may be sensitive to criticism but at the same time they can be authoritative leaders. You make good judgement calls and people value & trust your intuition.

Although the scent of linen and fresh laundry evokes a sense of peace & calm, you might be surprised that these people are very action oriented! Training for a marathon? Wanting to enter a competition? Yes, your linen lover might just be looking for the next mental or physical challenge. Your friends and family are often amazed at how you’ll push your limits in your quest to achieve a new personal best! You’re definitely a “Just do it!” type.

Well, this one caught of off guard! Fruity fragrance wearers are often found to be a bit of the “glass half empty” type, more likely to be sarcastic and a bit irritable. Often your sarcasm can be quite funny but over time can put people off. You generally have a great intellect but your sense of humor may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Fragrances based on berries, apples or tropical fruit may not be your best choice for long-lasting happiness.

You are the perfectionist. While that is frequently your best quality (you’re focused, goal oriented and excel in athletics and career) it is also your worst fault: type A personality, self-critical and easily offended. Don’t allow yourself to misinterpret what others say about you because you’re judging yourself too harshly. Use the earthy, grounded scent of sandalwood instead to reflect on all you have accomplished and you’ll be much happier!

You can’t finish our list without the warm scent of vanilla! Although there’s is a saying about being “plain vanilla”, the opposite is true! Vanilla lovers are fun loving and seek opportunities to socialize. Block party? Office or holiday party? Yup, you’re there and always eager to boost the atmosphere with your lively nature. Your energy is captivating and inspires others. Nothing plain about you!