Bath & Body Inspired by Nature

German Soap Box will be formulating balms, butters, cremes, lotions and even serums.  That means we'll be super busy as we know you have been requesting these products.  We are totally excited to be expanding into skin care and you won't be disappointed!

Balms, butters, cremes, lotions and serums are formulated for specific skin care needs.  You will notice that every category has different concentrations of exotic butter & oils plus a host of botanicals and anti-aging actives to meet a variety of skin care concerns.

Please note that these definitions are specific to German Soap Box and may not apply to other skin care companies.


Balms do not contain any water which makes them ultra thick/solid.  Since balms are concentrated butters & oils they are more sensitive to warm temperatures and are, therefore, packaged in screw top tins.

Balms differ from a butter in that they contain wax.  This wax makes balms perfect for bringing shin to keratin cells such as hair and cuticles!  Balms are also great for lips, extreme rough elbow and heels, diaper rash (except for mint containing balms), menthol sports balm or even as makeup remover!  They typically have an oilier feel as one would expect from a balm, are occlusive and excellent for transdermal water loss prevention.  Only small amounts are needed to provide therapeutic smoothing & soothing effects which makes a 50 gram tin perfect for those every day quick fixes!!


A German Soap Box butter is different than most other brands.  Rather than being just another body cream, a GSB butter is whipped up to a soufflé consistency!  This means they are ultra light yet super rich and 100% natural!  Our butters are made utilizing only luscious oils, fatty acids, rich butters, the finest essential oils and nothing else!

Soufflé butters are perfect when you need that extra intense hydration for dry and rough skin and are popular in the winter time when the weather creates added skin challenges. These butters also make silky occlusives and prevent transdermal water loss which makes them ideal for dry, mature skin.  

Shea Soufflé (and any other butter) do not contain any waxes which makes them less likely to be comodogenic.  We love using our soufflé butters as a night time facial cream including the sensitive eye area.


German Soap Box Body CremeCremes are definitely the works horse of the skin care categories!  Although still thick, they glide over your skin with a silky smooth feel and are absorbed within 5 minutes.  Cremes contain extra anti-aging additives, botanical extracts and plant proteins to offer nourishing, protective and conditioning properties.

Cremes are excellent for all-over body hydration but also make wonderful night time treatments.  For example, use a light exfoliating wash followed by a quality serum and then followed by a creme which seals it all in.  Our cremes are loaded with humectants which will plump your skin to appear younger looking.  You'll wake up to a gorgeous complexion!

Or apply generously to your feet then pull your favorite comfy socks over then.  Your feet will thank you in the morning!


Lotions are another popular category as they are very versatile!  Lotions are typically thinner than a creme, have a pourable consistency and are packaged in either a pump bottle or tottle.  Lotions are formulated to absorb quickly which makes them great for hands.  No one wants greasy hands when you need to do paperwork or have to handle other objects!

Lotions may also be packed full of anti-aging actives and tons of plant based nourishing ingredients such as phytosterols and anti-inflammatory agents.  Lotions are also good facial hydrators for people with more sensitive or acne prone skin as they contain less oil than cremes or butters. 


And finally comes the last category of serums.  These are typically reserved for facial use, have a very thin almost watery consistency, and their primary purpose is to delivery anti-aging and specific skin care agents.  These can be anything from vitamin C, vitamin B5 and water soluble actives found in botanical extracts.

Serums are applied immediately after cleansing the face and may be followed with a lotion or creme.  Applying these products in proper order is crucial:  if you apply a lotion or creme first you will prevent the serum from properly penetrating the dermal layer.  Applying a lotion or creme AFTER a serum allows the serum to be sealed in...right where you want it!