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Triple milled vs triple blended soap - what's the difference?  

When one considers a fine soap one often reads the term "triple milled."  You may not know what this means exactly but you read "triple" and assume, well, it's more than double so it must be better!

Have you ever scraped your fingernail across a triple milled soap?  If you have then you will have noticed how the soap shaves off in dry, powdery flakes.  This dry bar is the result of the triple milling process which removes water along with its moisturizing glycerin.  

During the manufacturing of triple milled soap the soap paste is, you guess it, milled or run through large rollers three times.

Triple milled has the following advantages:

1)  Manufacturing time is decreased.  To allow a bar soap to dry out naturally takes several weeks - sometimes as long as 6 weeks!  Soap manufacturers hate to sit on inventory because time & storage costs money! They would much prefer to make it, package it and ship it right out the door.

2) The manufacturer can harvest the glycerin for resale at a higher sales rate (such as in lotions).  You will typically see glycerin on triple milled soap ingredient labels because they had to add a portion of it back, however, it is added at a lesser quantity than was removed.

3)  A compressed soap bar with less moisture & glycerin creates a harder bar which typically lasts longer when exposed to water.

German Soap Box Makes "Triple Blended" Soaps.  How is That Different?

German Soap Box

A German Soap Box soap goes through three blending stages:

1) Run your fingernail across a German Soap Box triple blended bar.  It's softer and doesn't flake off.  This is because we do not mill the natural glycerin out of our bars.  Each bar retains glycerin at about 10% leaving a moisturizing, conditioning soap.  Our bars are in their natural solid state:  solid but with natural soft glycerin!  The first stage includes the infusion of botanical extracts.  Extracts are added to oils for a slow release of their skin soothing properties then blended with warm, melted butters.  Care is taken not to overheat the butters so that nutrients are left intact.

2)  The second blending incorporates minerals and clay.  Clays are often difficult to "wet" so we make sure all clays are smoothly blended into our formulations, usually the day before.  Slow and steady is the key here!  If the process is rushed you risk producing a bar with clumps and color variations.

3)  The final blending occurs as we add other flowers, botanicals and/or exfoliants.  Blending times vary for every soap as it can drastically alter the texture of each bar.  This final blending is at a low speed so that flowers, oatmeal and other additives remain intact. 

All our triple blended soaps are allowed to dry out naturally in a climate controlled environment.  This process takes several weeks but is well worth it!  The result is a creamy, rich lather with natural glycerin and essential fatty acids from exotic butters and luscious oils.  

Since a GSB triple blended soap is slightly softer care should be taken to allow the bar to properly dry out between uses; do not leave it on a wet shower ledge or sit in pooled water!  With proper care and daily use your German Soap Box bar should last  2-3 weeks.  Enjoy!