Bath & Body Inspired by Nature
By the time you clicked on this page you may have wondered, "German Soap Box?  Why German?"

Well, thanks for asking!  Let me give you a brief German Soap Box history lesson and a walk down memory lane...

 Ed & I have been together for over 10 years and I love him dearly.  Over the years there have been countless times when he has said to me "You are just like my grandmother.  I think you're channeling Hazel!"

Ed and Hazel

Now, some women might not think being compared to one's grandmother is a compliment, but it is!  You see, Ed was raised in part by his grandmother Hazel whom he loved immensely.  She was a kind, nurturing, devoted wife and mother, and an extremely hard worker.  Although she loved her peonies and portulaca, her grandchildren were her ultimate pride & joy (even if they did occasionally trample her flowers).  Every time Ed compares me I know he is recalling a very pleasant & comforting memory of his beloved grandmother.  And, you guessed it, she was German.

Ella Schrader circa 1932While Hazel lived in Pennsylvania, another story unfolded thousands of miles away….

Germany, 1894.

In the small town of Wulferstaedt a girl by the name of Ella is born.  Loved by her adoring father, she leaves home at a young age to pursue her dreams in the city.

As life tends to do, unexpected hardships are met:  WWI with her fiancé killed during the war, The Great Depression, WWII, communist East Germany while her only daughter escapes to freedom through Berlin Wall's Checkpoint Charlie, and a husband stricken with Parkinson's who becomes dependent on her loving care as he lay bed ridden for years.

Iris with grandmother Ella SchraderThis was my grandmother.  Ella raised me after her emigration to West Germany and was absolutely the most positive & inspirational person I have ever known.  She was also a teacher of natural herbal remedies and had an immense capacity for joy.  Ella never lived to see the fall of the Berlin Wall or Unification, but she would have been overwhelmed with joy that the strength of the human spirit prevailed.

These two incredible women shaped who we are and GSB is our tribute to them.  German Soap Box is named to honor their strength, perseverance, dedication and their love.  We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude and German Soap Box is our way to pay forward their love, joy and kindness.  Combining my own knowledge as a registered nurse, mother, and nature lover, German Soap Box allows their spirit to inspire our creations.

Fall of the Berlin Wall, Nov, 1989I guess you could say that GSB also stands for Give Something Back. It is with that determination that we hope to offer you quality products that your entire family can enjoy.  We seek to utilize as many natural ingredients as possible for your optimal therapeutic effect and enjoyment.

As our company grows so will our involvement in supporting causes within our communities as well as greater charitable efforts.  Check our GSBlog for more details and news!

Iris German Soap BoxSomewhere, Ella and Hazel are still watching and guiding us.  They truly understood The Paradoxical Commandments.

Thank you, Nanna & Oma, we love you with all our heart.
German Soap Box Co-Founder