Bath & Body Inspired by Nature

This relatively new oil comes from the Limnanthes alba plant, native to the Pacific northwest, and first made its cosmetic debut in the 1970s in Japan to replace sperm whale oil.  It entered the US cosmetic market in the 1990s.

The name Meadowfoam comes from the fact that the plant blooms perfusively with beautiful white flowers which create the look of foam blowing over the ocean. The oil itself comes from the crushed seeds which contain about 20 to 30% oil.

Benefits of Meadowfoam Seed oil are seen from its high triglyceride composite:  98% fatty acids with carbon chains of 20 or more.  This makes Meadowfoam Seed oil very stable and less likely to go rancid.  In fact, this oil is often added to extend the shelf life of other less stable oils in formulations.

Additional benefits of Meadowfoam Seed oil come from three long chain fatty acids that were previously unknown of.  This novel chemistry provides benefits of Meadowfoam Seed oil that even the pharmaceutical industry is researching.

Meadowfoam Seed oil contains 60-65% gadoleic acid which is similar to the gadoleic acid content of jojoba oil.  This adds to the benefits of Meadowfoam Seed oil in that it acts to prevent trandermal water loss.  It serves as an occlusive barrier without being sticky or overly greasy.  In fact, most users describe it as having a smooth finish and is, therefore, also enjoyed by massage therapists.

Within the cosmetic industry Meadowfoam Seed oil has been found useful to add UV protection, helps to bind fragrances so their scents last longer, provides good skin adherence, reduces the visible sign of wrinkles, adds shine to hair, and as an excellent skin moisturizer.  It also has very little odor which makes it easy to incorporate with other scented ingredients.

German Soap Box loves to include Meadowfoam Seed oil in combination with other oils and butters that provide you the full spectrum of fatty acids.  We always look for finer formulations to maximize your skin's full beauty potential!

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