Bath & Body Inspired by Nature

The benefits of mango butter makes this one of nature's anti-aging secrets!  Mango butter comes from the fruit kernal of the mango trees.  Its appreciable content of tocopherol, phytosterols and triterpenes makes this a sought after ingredient in the growing cosmetic and anti-aging market. 

The consistency is slightly less oily on the skin than shea butter which makes it ideal for those with already oily skin.  Mango butter's astrigent quality comes from the natural tannins which also offer anti-viral, and anti-bacterial benefits.

Additional benefits of mango butter are seen in its use to reduce scars, help heal minor cuts, rashes, and sunburns.  It appears that gallic acid is responsible for mango butter's ability to assist in infection prevention during burn and wound healing.   It is similar to cocoa butter and also hydrates dry skin, restores skin elasticity, reduce razor irritations, and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Mango butter contains oleic acid (46%), stearic acid (42%), linoleic acid (3%), and vitamins such as A, E, C, D and B vitamins.  Magnesium, calcium, and folic acid also contribute to the benefits of mango butter for beautiful skin.  Mango butter's fatty acid makeup act as emollients to add moisture and soothe dry skin & hair.  Oleic acid offers great moisturizing qualities and softens the skin by being readily absorbed.  Stearic acid is another benefit of mango butter as it helps to increase moisture retention and improve skin flexibility

And the benefits of mango butter don't just stop with vitamins!  Quercetin and caffeic acid are two polyphenols which are great anti-oxidants!  Additional anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties come from mangiferin, a xanthone. 

Mango butter in its liquid form also works well as a hair conditioner when applied to wet hair (not dry).

Since mango butter is naturally a fairly hard butter, you will typically see it formulated with softer butters and/or oils.

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