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Banaba is found mainly in India, Southeast Asia and the Philippines.  It is also known scientifically as Lagerstroemia and is a pink & lavender flowering tree which can grow to 30 feet high.

The benefits of Banaba leaf come from a triterpenoid compound called Corosolic acid and in the medical community is known to aid in blood glucose lowering.  Corosolic acid is said to ease insulin resistance by repairing the connection between insulin and insulin receptors. 

A November 2009 issue of "Cancer Letters" published a report that Banaba leaves stimulates the release of cancer-killing enzymes, resulting in cell death.  In the study cited by this report, Banaba leaf was effective against cervical cancer but also other cancers such as leukemia and breast cancer may also be susceptible to this extract.

Another benefit of Banaba leaf was cited in a November 2006 issue of "Life Sciences" which stated that Banaba leaf may to helpful in treating metabolic syndrome.  In their 10 week study it was noted that blood pressure lowered, fat metabolism had normalized and inflammations levels had decreased.

As Banaba leaf also seem to decrease cravings for carbohydrates it has also been used for weight control.  Some have suggested that Banaba leaf combined with Green Tea helps to suppress appetite and moderately increase metabolism. 

The topical benefits of Banaba leaf is reputed to reduce the lipid content of skin.  This extract is rich with magnesium, calcium and zinc.  These elements have been suggested to aid in reducing the effects of aging and photoaging, skin atrophy and retenoid dermatoses.

Other benefits of Banaba leaf have been seen in its treatment of ichthyosis, ichthyosiform dermatoses, acute dry skin and acne.  Wonderful results have been reported with fragile dry skin with loss of skin flakiness while improving elasticity in days rather than weeks.

No information on this web site in meant to replace the advise of your physician.  Please always consult with your physician before treating any medical conditions on your own.

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