Bath & Body Inspired by Nature

The benefits of Babassu oil, also known as cusi oil, are relatively new to the personal care & cosmetic industry.  This oil is obtained from the kernels of the Babassu palm tree found in the southern regions of Bazil.

Babassu oil comes a white solid but quickly converts to a skin nourishing light, clear yellow liquid when applied to the skin.  It has great emollient characteristics which are suitable for both dry and oily skin.  Although the properties of Babassu oil are similar to coconut oil, Babassu oil is less oily on the skin.  For this reason it is actually perferred by those with an oilier complexion.

The skin loving properties of Babassu oil come from its fatty acid makeup of:  lauric acid 50%, myristic acid 20%, palmitic acid 11%, oleic acid 10%, and stearic acid 3.5%.  Lauric and myristic acid both have melting points close to that of human body temperature.  This benefit of Babassu oil means it can easily to added to warm bath water to create an easily absorbed, nourishing body conditioner.

An interesting feature which adds to the benefits of Babassu oil is that because the oil's melting point is close to that of human skin, the oil can have a cooling sensation as it draws heat from your body.  This characteristic may be helpful when soothing rashes and other inflammatory conditions.

Rich in vitamin E and phytosterols, these properties add to the benefits of Babassu oil by contributing to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.  Babassu oil is also finding more use within hair care products as its moisutrizing qualities conditions and restores the hair's elasticity and health. 

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