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The apricot tree is a member of the Rosaceae family originating from Central and East Asia.  The benefits of apricot oil come from the cold pressed apricot kernels of the fruit.  As it is light in color, gentle and with a light pleasant aroma you may see this oil utilized in baby products. 

The benefits of apricot oil come from its high vitamin E content, vitamins C & A, along with the fatty acids oleic 57-66% & linoleic acid 4-6%, palmitic acid 4-6% and linolenic acid 0.5-1%.  This oil is able to penetrate the skin easily which makes it ideal to use as a moisturizure for premature aged, dry or irritated skin.  Vitamins A and C are also good for dry, mature and sensitive skin as it helps to retain elasticity and suppleness.

Active ingredients contributing to the benefits of apricot oil also include vitamin K, iron, thiamine (vitamin B1) and betacarotene.  The oil is considered rejuvenating and has the ability to controll sebum and melanin.  The anti-oxidant lycopene is also present and can boost the immune system.

Apricot oil shares many of the same attributes as sweet almond oil and both are favorites of massage therapists for their light scent and ease of absorption.

There are both sweet and bitter apricot seeds. The bitter variety contains a potentially harmful substance called amygdalin (laetrile) which is a fruit sugar which creates cyanide (sometimes referred to as vitamin B17).  Fortunately, GSB uses only the sweet variety and all for external use only.  It's amazing to think that a fruit kernel can produce cyanide yet also be an extremely nourishing oil.  Apricot oil is a natural paradox.

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