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5 Reasons Online GSB Shopping Is Better

There are many reason why online shopping has become so appealing. The convenience factor of being able to shop right from your phone, no trolling the parking lot for a convenient space, and no waiting in line at a checkout register are just some of the reasons we love it. But did you know that German Soap Box also offers you these 5 benefits?

1). Our products are fresher. Since we do not supply mass distributors and only a select few brick-and-mortar retail outlets, our products are never in a storage room or sitting on a shelf for weeks on end. We would rather be out of stock for a few days than ship out product which we don't consider to be at its optimal freshness. This also allows us to minimize synthetic preservatives and some products don't require ANY preservative! Yee-haw!

2). We are always open! Unless otherwise stated on our website or FB page, all orders are on their way to you the next business day. We know how much you enjoy opening our boxes of colorful happiness so we hate to keep you waiting! And whether you live in LA or NYC, your shipping is always one low rate of $5.95!!

3). Safe & secure. We probably all heard the news stories of Target (40 million debit/credit cards affected), Home Depot (56 million cards) and other retailers who suffered huge credit card data breaches over the last 3 years. Holy-moly, that's a lot of cards!
German Soap Box's secure shopping cart is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure. Your credit card information comes to us encrypted so we never have direct access to it. Want more options? No problem! We also have PayPal as another safe alternative.

4). GSBonus Points! Open an account and automatically earn discount points. No membership card to fish out of your wallet, no PIN numbers to remember, and use whenever you like. Even non-purchase related activity earns you points such as sharing on FB and your birthday! We just love being able to say to you "Herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag!" (Yep, all that means "Happy Birthday" in German)

5). Your products are in pristine condition, never touched by another customer! Ever go into a retail bath and body store and watch how people touch everything? Hold bath bombs right up to, and even touching, their noses? Take soaps out of their boxes? Allow small children to get their little hands on EVERYTHING (and we know how "clean" those hands can be)? Customers trying to be sneaky by partially pulling back a tamper proof seal? Sufficiently grossed out?

We love what we do and the products we make! We will continue to grow our product line with the same passion and commitment to excellence - family traditions wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for being part of the growing GSB family and share with a friend!