Bath & Body Inspired by Nature

The Heart of the Matter

Have you ever noticed that after you purchase a new car you suddenly see that model everywhere?  A vehicle that seemed to be rarely seen now appears on every street corner.  Where did they all come from?!?

Well, of course, they have been there all a long but now your perspective has changed, and more importantly, you are simply more receptive to the visual cues. It's very similar when it comes to love and giving.

What I mean is that love and joy are always around us; they intrinsically exist in nature if we are receptive to the cues.  Do you see them?  The heart, the symbol of love, embraces so many things.  It's almost as if nature wants to remind us of what's at the "heart" of the matter, that love is ultimately what makes life worthwhile.

Once you realize that the heart symbol is nearly ubiquitous your eye becomes programmed to recognize it.  Do you see it in the graceful lines of the green leaf?  The smooth edge of the succulent cherry?  I love how the tree seals it's bark in the shape of a heart after it has lost a branch.  It's as if nature wants to teach us how love conquers all.

 Before long love is seen in places where you wouldn't expect it!  In other words, love is there if we invite it into our lives.  There is such beauty in that eloquent truth.  It's a beautiful gift that we can choose to receive or reject.  I think the choice is obvious.  Love all.

August 20, 2014 by Iris Linder
Tags: heart joy love